Oregon Area Schools

Early School

Before we had schools in the village, rural areas surrounding the village established one-room schools.  It was customary for a farmer to deed an acre of land to the school district for a school.  Schools were typically named for the donor or the topography of the land.

Village Hall

Old Town Hall

The first town hall was formerly the center section of a two-story school building built in 1867-68. It was carefully detached from two single story wings on each side of the structure and moved to a location on South Main Street behind the Netherwood Block Building in 1895.

Solon Devoll

SOLON DEVOLL farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Stoughton; a native of Vermont; born in Weathersfield, Windsor Co., in 1823;

Bell, Almon

ALMON BELL, farmer, Sec. 21; P. O. Rutland; a native of New Jersey; born in Warren Co., in 1818;

John M. Sampson

JOHN M. SAMPSON, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Stoughton; he was born in Penobscot Co., Me. in 1820, and is the son of Robert and Nancy (Mains) Sampson, who were also natives of that county, and afterward died there;

J.G. Pierce

J. G. PIERCE, farmer, Sec. 4, 5 and 3; P.O. Oregon, born in 1836, in Jefferson Co., N. Y. son of John and Alvira (Hyatte) Pierce, both natives of New York; in June, 1842, the family settled on a wild, new farm near Janesville, Wis. and after building, breaking, etc., exchanged for 160 acres of the Pierce farm in Oregon; Mr. P. and sons did good work here, cleared the scattering burr oaks, the father owning 120 acres, J.G. 280, Sylvester 120 and Alfred 80; there were nine children-Mary A., Sylvester, Orelia, John G., Jane, Rebecca and Nancy; were born in Jefferson Co., N. Y.; Melvin was born and died in Rock Co; Alfred was born in Oregon.

Bernard McDermott

B. McDERMOTT SONS is the name of the leading mercantile establishment in the village of Oregon, and it is now being successfully managed and kept up to the high standard attained, by George and William McDermott, sons of Bernard McDermott, who was the founder of the establishment. Bernard McDermott was a native of Vermont, and lived in the Green Mountain state until his removal to Wisconsin in 1881.

Schuyler Gilbert

SCHUYLER GILBERT, farmer Secs. 15 and 14, P.O. Oregon, born Oct 11, 1819, in Tully Onondaga Co., N.Y. his early life was spent there as a farmer.  He came West in 1845, locating 120 acres of his present farm; built a log shanty, with puncheon floor, oak door and “six-light” window; log house;