PETER RASMUSSEN KRUSE was one of the two “tilletsmann” or Trustees on the first Council. He was born May 4, 1838 on Langeland, Denmark, baptized six years later in Lindelse Church, and confirmed 1852 by Pastor Gjedde. He was active in organizing the Oregon membership in 1896.He was married Oct. 9, 1858 in Magleby by Pastor Artmand, and came to America March 25, 1883 and lived near Oregon. They celebrated their silver wedding in 1883. His wife, Maren Hansen, was born June 15, 1826 in Magleby, Langeland. She was baptized in the same town, and confirmd April 26, 1840 in Tryggelev by Pastor Dreier. Their marriage was blessed with four children, 2 sons and 2 daughters.First Members of the Congregation-1896. St. John’s Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary, 1896-1996, Oregon, WI