SIMON DREHER, of Oregon, is of Pennsylvania stock. He was born in Evansville, Rock County, April 15, 1853. His parents were Simon and Mary Ann (Widows) Dreher, both born in Northampton County, Pa. Simon, Jr. has spent all of his life in Dane, and all except eight years in the town of Oregon; the exception was a time that he lived in the town of Primrose. He was educated in the district schools of the township, and lived at home until he was twenty-four, when he began life on his own account, hulling clover, and doing other kinds of work, as opportunity offered or necessity demanded, for twelve years.Sixteen years ago he bought a farm of eighty acres situated one and three -fourths miles from the village of Oregon, which has since been his home. He has greatly improved the place since becoming the owner, putting up all the buildings, and runs it as a farm for general purposes.

He is a Republican in politics and is a member of the Modern Woodmen, belonging to the lodge at Oregon.

He was married on April 18,1880, to Miss Alma Blanche Chandler, daughter of Richard B. and Mary (Cross) Chandler, the former of whom was born in Oxford county, Maine, and the latter in the state of Vermont. They have three children, Mary and Warren, born in Primrose, and Richard born in Oregon.

In the fifty-three years since his birth, Mr. Dreher has seen many changes take place in his native state, and has especially observed those in the vicinity of his home, where wild land has been transformed into flourishing farms, and town and villages built up with all the modern conveniences of life and transportation.

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