Samuel Manson

SAMUEL MANSON, clerk for F. Eighmy and Town Clerk, McFarland; was born in Franklin Co. N.Y, in 1853, and is the son of William and Lucinda Manson, with whom he came to Dane Co., Wis. in 1854, and located at that time on Sec. 29, town of Dunn, where his father afterward died, and where his mother now lives;

Simon Dreher

SIMON DREHER, of Oregon, is of Pennsylvania stock. He was born in Evansville, Rock County, April 15, 1853. His parents were Simon and Mary Ann (Widows) Dreher, both born in Northampton County, Pa. Simon, Jr. has spent all of his life in Dane, and all except eight years in the town of Oregon;

Jens Jensen Dalby

JENS JENSEN DALBY, was “formand” or President of the first Church Council in 1895. He was born May 30, 1853 in Dalby vid Skive, Sjalland, Denmark, baptized in Overdrup Church, and confirmed in Kynby Church. He came to America May 4, 1873, lived for 6 years in Racine, WI, came to Stoughton in 1879 and to Rutland in 1880, and in 1884 settled in Oregon.

Adam Bram

ADAM BRAM, farmer, Sec. 5: P.O. Madison; was born in Switzerland in 1842, and, in the spring of 1853, with his parents, he emigrated to America and to Wisconsin; after spending a fortnight at Milwaukee and nine days at Madison, they settled on a farm in the town of Springfield, Dane Co., where his father died in June 1869.Adam, with his brother, began business in 1861, by carrying on his father’s farm;