De WITT C. DEVINE, farmer, Sec. 23; P.O. Oregon; born March 19, 1814, in Chautauqua Co., N.Y.; eighteen years later, the family settled in Erie Co., Penn., where he married Hannah Clark, who, at her death, left a son—Clark. He married again in Cheshire Co., N.H., Miss Paulina Bailey; they came West in August, 1846, and settled on the farm of 80 acres, where Mrs. Devine died in 185-, leaving four children—Alonzo, Judson, Charles, and Hannah. His farm like all those in the “Devine Settlement,” was once burr-oak openings. In 1852, he married Mrs. Hannah, widow of Joseph Camp, who died leaving four children—David, Thomas, Alfred and Mary; her maiden name was Hannah Smith, and her birthplace New Jersey; George and Ella are the children of this union. Clark Devine was one year in the Union service, and died in a St. Louis hospital; Thomas and Alfred Camp served three years each, though the latter came home a physical wreck, and is now in Oregon Territory; Thomas was a musician and is now in Portage, Wis. Mr. Devine is a member of the Baptist Church, and a Republican; his pioneer experiences have resulted in his securing a valuable farm, with first-class buildings.

1880 History of Dane County, Town of Oregon, p. 1237.