J.T. HAYES, dealer in machinery, Oregon; born May 22, 1847, in Montpelier, Vt.; five years later, his parents settled where they still reside, in Clinton Co., N.Y.; his restless and ambitious disposition led him to leave Oberlin College, to which good old institution he has been sent, and when only a lad of 12 he learned the saddler’s trade in Redwood, N.Y.; at 14 he enlisted in the 10th N.T.A.; was made Hospital Steward, and fought with the Army of the Potomac; was in Sheridan’s Shenandoah raid and the battle of White House Landing; his was one of the first batteries to invest Petersburg, said battery losing heavily in a desperate fight with the rebel Mahone, who covered the rebel evacuation and Lee’s retreat; afterward did provost duty in Petersburg, and was mustered out there; the battery was mustered into and out of the service of New York, on the old battleground at Sackett’s Harbor; finding himself in Chicago after the war, Mr. Hayes dropped a stick upon the ground, deciding to go in the direction one end pointed out; his settlement in Janesville was the result, from there he went to Stoughton, and thence to Oregon; he began harness-making here with Charles Waterman; bought him out and did business until October, 1879, since which time he has dealt in agricultural machinery of every description and the best manufacture.  Mr. H. is a Republican and Freemason.  As a detective, he has the inside track, as he is connected with associations which assist him greatly, and the services he has rendered in “nailing” the professional burglars who have “done” Madison of late, renders him an object of sincere hatred of all that class of gentry.  He married Almira Sliter, of the State of New York; they have two children-Cora V. and Truman C., both born in Oregon.Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, page 1241.