LARS CHRISTIAN MACKEPRENG was born Feb. 24, 1849 in Nakekov on Lolland, Denmark, baptized in Nakikov Church and confirmed in the year 1863 in Rodby by Pastor Jacobsen; and on Aug. 9, 1874 was married in Taagerup. Lolland to Karen Johanne Petersen.She was born Apr. 3, 1853 in Vester Utteslev, Lolland. They came to America May 16, 1885 and lived in Oregon. They had 4 children: Anna Marie (1874), Christine (1976), Cora (1882), and Aksel (1888). They joined the congregation in 1896.First Members of the Congregation-1896. St. John’s Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary, 1896-1996, Oregon, WI