GEORGE W. GETZ, wagon-maker, Oregon; born in 1820 in Northampton Co., Penn., worked on a farm until 20; learned the trade of millwright at Easton, Penn., and followed it five years; the family settled in Illinois in 1844; a year later, he went to Chippewa Falls, Wis., living for eight months in a howling wilderness, with only a few whites within 250 miles. From there he went to St. Louis, thence to Janesville, where he was in the lumber business until 1853, then engaged in the lumber trade in Stoughton until 1865, then farmed it a year or so; in 1867 or 1868, began wagon-making in Stoughton, removing to Oregon in November, 1870, and has since continued the manufacture of wagon carriages and sleighs here. He married Maria Dily, in Milwaukee; they have four children-Simeon N., Rachel A., Lizzie and Cora; the only son, born Nov. 20, 1852, in Janesville, is by trade a blacksmith and is associated with his father in business. He married Eva Huil, and has two children-Carrie and an infant. G.W. Getz is a Republican and a Methodist; his grandfather was the Revolutionary Gen. George Getz, who lost an eye at the Wyoming massacre, and a brother of the General was one of Gates’ army when Burgoyne surrendered.Ref. 1880 History of Dane County, Wisconsin, page 1240.

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