Hans Peter Christensen and wife Anna Juliane JensenHANS PETER CHRISTENSEN. He was born Dec. 28, 1872 in Store Lindet (Lolland) Birket Sogn ord Maribo, Denmark. He was baptized March 2, 1873 in Birket Church and confirmed there April 17, 1887 by Pastor Kejser-Nielsen. He went to America in March and came to Oregon April 1, 1893. He was active in forming the congregation’s membership and joined Feb. 7, 1896.Seven years later he was married on Feb. 25, 1903 to Anna Juliane Jensen. She was Born Feb. 16, 1876 in Langeland, Denmark. They had 5 sons: Leslie and Wesley, twins (1904), Alwin (1907), Edwin (1911) and Roy (1914). (Roy and his wife, Clarice, Edwin and his wife, Mildred, and Alwin’s widow, Miriam, are members here, as are numerous descendents of the families).First Members of the Congregation-1896. St. John’s Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary, 1896-1996, Oregon, WI