Samuel Shepard

SAMUEL SHEPARD, farmer, Sec. 18; P.O. Oregon; born Aril 25, 1814, in Byron, Genesee Co., N.Y.; his parents, William and Mary (Hill) Shepard, were farmers and New England people;

Croyden Sargeant

CROYDEN SARGEANT, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Brooklyn; born Jan. 27, 1821, in Chesterfield, N.H.; attended the common schools, the old Chesterfield Academy, and a review course at the M. E. Seminary at Newburg, Vt., began at 18 and taught five terms in New England; came West in 1843, and paid almost his last dollar for 40 acres of his present farm; reaching Freeport, Ill., with just 60 cents, he obtained a school near Cedarville;

John M. Sampson

JOHN M. SAMPSON, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Stoughton; he was born in Penobscot Co., Me. in 1820, and is the son of Robert and Nancy (Mains) Sampson, who were also natives of that county, and afterward died there;

Garrett Runey

GARRETT RUNEY, farmer, Secs. 24 and 23, P.O. Oregon; is a son of the first settler of Oregon Township, viz. Bartley Runey, who was born in Maryland in 1795; married in his and her native State, Margaret Garnett; they settled in Ohio in 1824. Garrett Runey was born in Preble, Clinton Co., Ohio, Oct. 10, 1832; in March 1841, Mr. Runey left La Porte Co., Ind., with team and covered wagon, and reached Janesville, Wis., April 8; early in the spring of 1842, he made the first claim, built the first house and became the first permanent white settler of what is now Oregon;

Jere Richards

JERE RICHARDS, of Lovejoy & Richards, lumber dealers Oregon; born in Exeter, Penobscot, Co., Me, in 1826, passing his school days there;

H.B. Richards

H. B. RICHARDS, grain and produce dealer, Oregon; born in the town of Goshen, Litchfield Co., Conn. July 11, 1816; attended school and worked as a farmer till he was 21, then went South as collector for a company dealing in clocks;

P. M. Pritchard

P, M. PRITCHARD, farmer, Sec. 33 and 32; P.O. Fitchburg; born in Solon, Cortland Co., N.Y.; Oct. 5, 1816; his parents, Harvey and Lydia (Kelsey) Pritchard, were Connecticut people; after learning the foundry business of his father, he came West in 1842, visited Racine, Delevan, etc., and reached Janesville early in June;

George W. Prichard

GEORGE W. PRICHARD, farmer, Sec. 9; P.O. Oregon, was born in Decatur Co., Ind. in 1837; his father, Thomas Prichard, was born in Scott Co., Ky. In 1806; emigrated to Decatur Co. Ind., when 18 years old.

S.J. Pratt

S. J. PRATT, Sec. 11, 12 and 2; P.O. Oregon, born in Erie Co., N.Y. Jan. 22, 1821; son of Stephen and Ann (Jones) Pratt. Stephen Pratt, born Feb. 13, 1790, in now the oldest person in Oregon, with one exception.

E.S. Postle

E. S. POSTLE, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Oregon; born in 1833, in Allegany Co., N.Y.; son of Cyrenus and Olive Postle, who settled early in the “forties,” in Rock Co. Wis.; four years later they settled in Fitchburg, and in 1855, in Oregon Village, Mr. P. keeping the Exchange Hotel until his death, in December, 1869; his widow has a pleasant home in the village. Samuel Green, deceased, was born in 1807, in Washington,, Co., N.Y.